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Things you will need to know BEFORE booking your party reservation.

  • Parties of 30 -50 people can be booked inside
  • Parties of 30- 50 people can be booked outside, uncovered
  • Parties of 25 can be booked outside, covered
  • Parties booked outside may endure weather conditions such as rain, heat (Florida), and cold.
  • Parties booked outside will not have precedence over other reservations booked inside in case of inclement weather. Please make your decisions wisely. We want your event to be special and uninterrupted by such weather conditions.
  • Consider what your guests demographic is when making your reservations for outside. Ex. children, elderly, business dress.
  • Parties over 50 can book entire restaurant, but special rates apply.
  • Due to our size and unique location certain seating restrictions apply: 3 hour minimum/4 hour maximum
  • While we only provide space, service, food, and beverage we understand people like to decorate for special occasions. Decorations are allowed!
  • Decorations may be dropped off the day of the event and must be taken home after your party is finished. It is a good idea to assign someone to this task that is not participating in any ceremonies. Time can become very short for you on busy days planning other event details.
  • Decorations must be appropriate and easy to set up. We can assist in certain areas of decoration, but remember most everything is up to you. Plan your time accordingly. Time frames are very short in a busy restaurant
  • Booking times are firm. Service will start within 15 minutes of your scheduled time to allow easy flow for the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant as a whole. You will also have a 15 minute window to clear the space at the end of your booked time.

For your convenience, use our new online form to request your event and reservations. Our catering Event Packages are ONLY for on-site occasions. If you wish to have our signature catering delievered to you, please see our off-site catering menu or contact Peter Ceruzzi - email | phone: (612) 716-3136.